Crime, Analysis, Reporting and Mapping System

Crime Analysis, Reporting & Mapping System

Crime Analysis, Reporting & Mapping System

As an accredited member of the extended policing family, we have designed and built a crime- reporting database for Local Authorities and other partner services, which is currently filtered into the appropriate Police Intelligence Units, Metropolitan and County Police systems and is formatted to meet Police data standards.

Information, Intelligence and Evidence

We have designed a comprehensive reporting system that underpins effective information sharing throughout our services with Local Authorities, Housing Providers, Police and other relevant bodies. Our system has been tested and has evolved over 12 years to enable our patrols to record a comprehensive range of information, intelligence and evidence to support and facilitate wider action. The way in which we collect information and intelligence and how this is shared, enables effective partnership working and collaborative responses to anti-social behaviour, crime and quality of life issues. The system is designed to collect not just crime and incidents, but also non-crime and impact related data that can be used by a broad range of departments responsible for public safety. With regards to anti-social behaviour the focus is on evidencing behaviour that has a detrimental impact on quality of life, which is not recorded by other organisations. This is ideally suited to civil court proceedings and housing tenancy action. Examples of its use are:-

  • Collating evidence to support restrictions or prohibitions in Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) consultation
  • Collating evidence to support applications for Civil Injunctions, Criminal Behaviour Orders, Closure Orders and Community Protection Notices
  • Collating information and intelligence for early and informal interventions
  • Collating evidence for formal housing action such as Notice Seeking Possession and Eviction applications
  • Collating information, intelligence and evidence that will facilitate a range of action in relation to licensing, street trading, trading standards, noise enforcement and environmental crime enforcement
  • Information to aid in physical and environment changes that could reduce anti-social behaviour and crime
  • Information and intelligence that aids all partners in determining a response or approach to an issue and aid in effective resource allocation and resolution

The vehicles used for delivering our services are fitted with on-board computers. This allows for reporting on scene rather than after the fact which ensures that the information is accurate and timely. The system has the ability to separate sensitive and non-sensitive data to enable sharing of the information with all partners. There is a range of reports that can be generated from the information and intelligence that we collate. Examples include:

  • General overview reports
  • Specific time frame analysis reports
  • Specific area, ward or location analysis reports
  • Individual offence type reports
  • Reports that highlight hotspot areas, prevalent or repeat days and times
  • Reports that help build case files on prolific offenders
  • Customer focused daily and periodic summary reports
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