Company Aims

Support the Local Authority and Police through information and intelligence gathering, to enable wider action and jointly achieve longer term solutions to community issues.

Reduce the impacts of anti-social behaviour, public nuisance and crime through collaborative action and facilitating early intervention and prevention activities.

Provide targeted activities to detect, deter and disrupt crime and disorder and reduce offending through education combined with enforcement.

Help make our patrol areas even safer by providing a tangible area resource for the Police and Local Authority.

Deliver services that hold public confidence and provide open and equal access to all within the communities in which we work.

About Parkguard

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ISO 9001 The most widely-recognised quality management system standard in the world. It demonstrates an organisation“s commitment to supplying a product or service that consistently meets its customers requirements.

Incorporating BS7499, BS7875, BS7984

Parkguard hold a mature ISO accredited Quality Management system incorporating British Security Industry Operating Standards and our executive team strives to exceed these standards. Our performance is audited against strictest known industry standards and all our activities are subject to yearly audits against the accreditations that we hold.
The Living Wage Parkguard chooses to pay the Living Wage at a minimum and on a voluntary basis. The LW hourly rate is set independently and updated annually and is calculated according to the basic cost of living in the UK. Paying the living wage is good for business, good for the individual and good for society. The living wage employer mark and service provider recognition scheme provide an ethical badge for responsible pay. Information Commissioners Office Parkguard are registered and comply with the the ICO which is the UK's independent body set up to uphold information rights. Equal Opportunity Employer Parkguard is an equal opportunity employer and committed to equality. The register holds our equality status.

Accreditations and Partnerships

Community Safety Accreditation Scheme (CSAS) Parkguard is a police accredited company under the police reform act 2002. This act allows Chief Constables to accredit certain organisations that work within a community safety remit and can meet extremely strict police criteria. As such, we have been part of the extended policing family under the community safety accreditation scheme (CSAS) since 2005. Our staff have to pass police personal vetting, receive enhanced training above the requirements of the private sector and hold a number of delegated Police Powers, not normally available outside of the police service. Accredited by Essex Police since 2005 https://www.essex.police.uk/about-us/accreditation-scheme Accredited by Hertfordshire Constabulary since 2005 https://www.herts.police.uk/ Accredited by the MPS since 2013 http://content.met.police.uk/Site/csas ACPO Parkguard were approved by ACPO CPI who undertake the assessment of private sector companies and make recommendations to Chief Officers. Meeting this standard means Parkguard can operate as a CSAS organisation nationally, only requiring local area authority. City of London Crime Prevention Association Parkguard is a member of the City of London Crime Prevention Association, which is a forum that exists to encourage co-operation in developing crime prevention measures between the City of London Corporation, the City of London Police, the security industry and the financial, retail, commercial and residential communities.

Professional Recognition

2016 Winner of Metropolitan Police and Security Awards ( London) Awarded by the Metropolitan Police “For hard work and continued support to Ealing Police and the people of Ealing” 2016 Awarded by the Metropolitan Police “For hard work and continued support to Ealing Police and the people of Ealing” 2015 Introduction of a multi-agency, multi-discipline service in partnership with the MPS to manage night time economy. This approach was a national first and noted as good practice by MOPAC
2014 — Parkguard Dog Handler — Borough commanders commendation for support and dedication to duty.

2013 — Winners "Partner of the Year" Borough Commanders Awards Metropolitan Police (Islington)
2012 — Awarded by Essex Police for commitment to community safety as longest servicing private CSAS organisation.

2011 — Awarded by Herts Police for significant contribution to policing in 09/10


ISO 45001 An internationally applied British standard for occupational health and safety management systems Safety Schemes in Procurement forum (SSIP) as an assessed member we are part of an effective cross-recognition between existing schemes saving clients time and money.


ISO 14001 A family of standards related to environment management that exists to help organisations minimise how their operations ( processes etc) negatively affect the environment (ie cause adverse changes to air, water or land) comply with applicable laws, regulations, and other environmentally oriented requirements and continually improve in the above. Safety Schemes in Procurement forum (SSIP) as an assessed member we are part of an effective cross-recognition between existing schemes saving clients time and money.

We will achieve our aims by

  • Working in partnership with Local Service providers, Police, Intelligence Units, Crime Reduction and Community Safety Units.
  • Providing education and awareness based patrols.
  • Providing a proactive, targeted, intelligence led patrol service.
  • Targeting hot spot localities, identified by the public and the Police.
  • Providing a harm reduction focused approach, hand in hand with enforcement.
  • Providing increased public reassurance through high visibility patrolling.
  • Reducing the fear of crime through committed community liaison.
  • Providing alternative, specific and positive solutions to local community issues.
  • Providing improved assistance to the public on behalf of the Local Authority.
  • Engaging in community based problem solving.
  • Providing an increased, approachable and professional point of contact for the public.
  • Making effective and productive use of our varied resources.
  • Actively targeting and prioritising low level and quality of life issues.
  • Working with a long-term solution in mind as opposed to quick fix approaches.
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