Reducing impact and changing behaviour through education

Status Dogs & Problem Dog Owners

Status Dogs & Problem Dog Owners

For many years, Parkguard has been at the forefront of managing and dealing with dangerous dogs and dog related offences, working closely with the Metropolitan Police, animal welfare services and charities. As such we have extensive experience in dog related legislation, process and enforcing against irresponsible owners and those who use dogs in an unlawful way.

Status Dogs & Problem Dog Owners

Since the introduction of our first educational response to dog issues in 2003, we have found this to produce a far more sustainable reduction in issues than through enforcement. This works for the majority, however for those who do not utilise the support provided we then escalate to enforcement measures. This combined approach enables multi-facetted services that are proportionate and effective in managing all aspects of irresponsible dog ownership.

Our education and enforcement team offer the following services

  • Top Dog – Event: Responsible Dog Ownership & Training Scheme for the general public. This one day event offers the public one to one dog training, micro-chipping and provides training and advice on dog law and animal welfare. The events also provide free equipment to replace unserviceable or unsuitable dog equipment
  • Top Dog – Youth: Targeted Mobile Street Engagement – Status dogs, gangs & youth offending
  • Top Dog – Home: Residential problem solving  team delivered in partnership with Local Authority, Social Landlords and/or animal welfare
  • Dog Education & Enforcement Officers: Targeted, street-based responsible dog ownership training delivered with enforcement where appropriate
  • Dogwise – Safety training for front line staff who may encounter dogs within their given role (Street Wardens, Civil Enforcement Officers, Grounds Maintenance Staff, Council Officers, Care Takers and Park Keepers)
  • Dog Enforcement Officers: Dog control enforcement to issue fixed penalty notices. We would not deliver this in isolation as a singular function role. For the best results we link this to other educational activates to promote desired practices and tackle offenders through a range of responses, appropriate to the circumstances.
  • Dog Acquisition & Administration Service : Entry teams to manage and contain or remove potentially dangerous dogs from a location
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